Advancing the Paradigm of Patient Care


Asep Inc. has developed a proprietary peptide technology that directly addresses the ineffectiveness of current treatment options by suppressing biofilm regrowth and reducing inflammation.

Peptide Technology

Antibiofilm Activity

Potent activity against all major clinically relevant bacteria growing as antibiotic-resistant biofilms.

Antibiotic Synergy

Work in combination with conventional antibiotics to overcome antibiotic resistance.

Safe and Effective in Animal Infection Models

Work in in vivo models of biofilm infections such as sinusitis and abscesses.

Anti-inflammatory Activity in vivo

As strong as the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug indomethacin.

Immune modulating activity

Suppress harmful inflammation while boosting protective innate immunity.

Combined Activities

Optimized peptides with combined activity profiles for clinical applications.

pre-Clinical DEVELOPMENT

The company is pursuing clinical validation in the treatment of organisms associated with Sinusitis pathogens in a planned study in Vancouver, Canada, along with other development efforts:

In vitro and in vivo toxicity study requirements have been identified and initiated.

In vitro and in vivo anti inflammatory and immunomodulatory activities have been extensively characterized.

Peptides have demonstrated excellent activity profiles in relevant biofilm infection models of sinusitis and infected wounds.

New formulations, initial pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics studies have been defined and/or developed.

ASEP and its subsidiaries' technologies have not received marketing authorization
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