Advancing the Paradigm of Patient Care


Asep Inc. has developed a novel diagnostic assay for the early and rapid risk assessment of sepsis, based on the detection of unique molecular signatures of sepsis specific to the immune response, rather than the presence of a pathogen.

This Rapid Diagnostic Test delivers results in ~1 hour, significantly improving sepsis survival rates.

Every Hour Counts


Greater sensitivity and specificity than the SIRS (Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) criteria used today

Earlier recognition of sepsis, at a time when patients are admitted to the emergency room

Reliable test results for determining the most appropriate treatment to improve survival

Next-generation molecular diagnostic technology focusing on patient-specific immune response

Clinical Study

The company has undertaken the largest-ever predictive clinical genomics study of early sepsis to validate our diagnostic technology.

>500 patient prospective multicentre clinical study confirms initial findings and refines the signature

Study results aid to extrapolate to additional patient populations (pediatrics, cancers, pancreatitis, etc.)

Correlate clinical symptoms with gene expression reflecting immune status

Work in patients with wide range of symptoms

Additional 400 patients study confirms relevance of Sepset ER™ to severe Covid disease

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