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ASEP offers a rare combination of both a novel diagnostic and a therapeutic approach to a multi-billion-dollar problem.


ASEP Medical is developing a first-in-class diagnostic assay for the early and rapid diagnosis of sepsis based on the detection of unique signatures of sepsis specific to the immune response rather than the presence of a pathogen.

This novel technology represents tremendous commercial potential as sepsis is one of the most expensive conditions for hospitals to treat and current methods of diagnosis (including blood cultures) can take over 24 hours and are not fully predictive.

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ASEP Peptide Technology involves small potent broad-spectrum anti-biofilm and anti-inflammatory peptides, that are highly active (at ≥1 to 4 μg/ml) against all major clinically-relevant antibiotic resistant bacteria growing as biofilms as well as complex oral biofilms.

These proprietary peptides work synergistically with antibiotics and have been found effective in animal models of biofilm infections, including sinusitis and abscesses and have shown anti-Inflammatory activity as strong as indomethacin.

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Our Values

To continually innovate to address the global crisis of SEPSIS to improve survivability and quality of life of patients.


To combine the best scientific, development, and business teams necessary to achieve the unity goal of providing the best possible healthcare to those suffering with chronic infections.

Our Vision

To become the Global Market Leader in the Diagnosis and Treatment of SEPSIS.

“The goal is to tell the physician within an hour whether or not a patient will develop sepsis — who’ll go downhill quickly and who won’t. The right patients can then be moved to the ICU immediately.”

Dr. Bob Hancock